Phantom Propulsion System

Technical Overview

Phantom is a larger self-contained propulsion module. It uses four 0.1N ASCENT thruster in pump-fed operation. Because Phantom is pump-fed (using the Flight Works Inc. electric micropump) the propellant feed system is low pressure (<100psia) for handling and launch. Communication with the module is achieved via RS-422 protocol.

Phantom fits in a 20cm x 20cm x 20cm envelope. The structure is nearly entirely additively manufactured Titanium, with integrated propellant management devices (PMDs). With mass < 10kg Phantom delivers > 9000 Ns of total impulse. Phantom can be configured with an auxiliary propellant feed port to add an electrospray propulsion subsystem, enabling dual-mode propulsion. The module has separate power rails for controller electronics, heaters, and valves, providing enhanced personnel safety and operational hazard mitigation. Phantom shares many components with our Sprite module.

The module is outfitted with an externally accessible fuel port. Rubicon Space systems will offer options to fuel prior to integration or afterward, depending on your requirements.

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ATTRIBUTE Phantom Propulsion System
Total Impulse > 9000 NS
Wet Mass < 10 kg
Voltage 5V / 12V
Pressure (BOL) < 100 PSIA
Power 50W (Preheat)
< 15W (maneuvering)
Thrust 0.3 - 0.5 N
Comm RS-422